10 Ways to Speed Up Your Magento eCommerce Site

Is your Magento store not quite as fast as you would like it to be? Below you will find our Top 10 Tips & Tricks to speed up your Magento site.

Note: some of the steps below require server administrator access.

  1. Ensure you are running the latest version of Magento. New releases often include performance improvements and other patches which affects performance.
  2. Enable the Flat Catalog module for products and categories in the Magento Admin Panel. We have seen quite significant improvements by turning on this feature, especially on large catalogs.
    Where: System -> Configuration -> Catalog
  3. Enable caching to reduce the number of database operations required for each page request.
    Where: System -> Cache Management
  4. Keep the number of third-party/community extensions to a minimum. Many extensions introduce extra processing and database queries which has a negative impact on the overall performance.
  5. Compress image files using a photo editor such as Adobe Photoshop to reduce file size.
  6. Install a JS/CSS "minifier" such as the Minify Javascript / CSS which is made by a leading provider of Magento extensions. Minify JS / CSS will combine, compress and cache Javascript and CSS files. In addition, it will even add forever expiry tags to the files to ensure fastest browser loading.
  7. Experiment with the Magento Compiler.
    Where: System -> Tools -> Compilation
  8. Install a PHP opcode cache like APC or eAccelerator. At ProperHost, we already have an opcode cache installed on our servers.
  9. Optimize the MySQL server (enable Query Cache and tweak my.cnf parameters). At ProperHost, we have already optimized MySQL for Magento.
  10. Replace Apache web server with LiteSpeed Enterprise web server. LiteSpeed offers a 50% performance increase for PHP application and is up to 6 times faster than Apache serving static content. At ProperHost, we use LiteSpeed Enterprise for our Magento hosting platform.

Disclaimer: the above suggestions are general guidelines and results may vary between different Magento installations.

Professional Extensions

To really supercharge the performance of your Magento store, we recommend that you try out the following professional extensions provided by our partner Extendware.

Magento Full Page CacheMagento Full Page Cache

Full Page Cache reduces your sites First Byte Time and increases speed which is great for customer experience and search engine optimization! As a ProperHost customer you get 1 year free use of this extension. Register to download your free copy.

Magento Minify Javascript / CSSMinify Javascript / CSS

Speed up your site, improve your search engine site rankings and conversion rate, and improve your user experience in the process. Minify Js / CSS extension reduces page size, bandwidth, request count, and server load without anything more than installing this easy to use and feature-full extension.

Magento Image OptimizationMagento Image Optimization

Images are very important for online stores, but unnecessarily large images can slow down the user experience and reduce search engine rankings. Image Optimization will optimize your images and reduce their size without sacrificing image quality, so that your site images are faster loading.

Magento Cache WarmerMagento Cache Warmer

The Cache Warmer will ensure your full page cache solution is always warmed and ready to serve your customers pages at the fastest speed possible. Efficiently written to reduce bandwidth, CPU, and crawl time.

Magento Performance Cache BackendsMagento Performance Cache Backends

This extension adds additional cache backends to the Full Page Cache, including an optimized file based cache and a Memcached based cache.

Magento Improved IndexingMagento Improved Indexing

Increase the speed of your administrative backend. Do you have a slow admin backend when saving products, categories, etc? Deferred Indexing will speed up your admin backend by making the saving of products, categories, etc more responsive.

Magento Lucene SearchMagento Lucene Search

Improve your store search relevancy and increase search performance. Stores that have relevant and fast search results encourage sells by ensuring customers find the products they want.

Magento Sphinx SearchMagento Sphinx Search

Increase revenue and customer satisfaction with faster, more relevant search results. Lucene Search is a powerful and flexible search solution that helps ensure your customers can always find the products they want.

Also check out the other great magento extensions that can help you make the most out of your store.

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