High-availability, auto-failover server clusters for Magento

We have designed an extremely scalable, enterprise cluster solution powered by HAProxy and Galera Cluster for the most demanding and mission-critical websites.

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What comprises our Magento cluster solution?

Automatic Failover Ensures High Availability

At the core of our cluster technology is an active/passive load balancer powered by HAProxy, providing instant downtime detection and automatic failover within a couple of seconds. The load balancer intellegently distributes load between the available nodes in the cluster and actively monitors the health of each cluster member. If a node becomes unavailable, it is immediately removed from the cluster and traffic is routed to an active node.

Our clusters can increase capacity and speed up high-traffic applications by load balancing two or more web servers and/or databases, or it can be configured in Active/Passive mode with a hot-spare server merely to provide high-availability (HA) and automatic failover.

Self-Replicating Database Cluster

Our Magento cluster consists of minimum two database nodes to ensure no single point of failure. Data is automatically replicated between the available cluster members to ensure consistency.

Magento Cluster Architecture

Extended SLA and Proactive Monitoring

All our enterprise cluster solutions include our Extended Service Level Agreement (ESLA), which guarantees minimum 99.99% of uptime per month! Our monitoring team keeps an constant eye on your servers and performs regular audits and health measures to discover and fix potential issues before they occur.

Fully PCI Compliant

A major hurdle for many online businesses is the need to comply with the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Our enterprise cluster solution comprises all the elements to ensure full compliance. Every installation goes through an initial hardening process where each component is locked down. For example, the web and database roles run on separate nodes, and all communication between servers in your cluster utilizes our secure VLAN to prevent public access.

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