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ProperHost offers one of the industry's fastest hosting environments for Magento and we guarantee faster page loads and improved performance. Research shows that visitors are more inclined to purchase from your online store if the webpage feels fast and responsive. A fast web site will also rank higher in Google and other search engines. By using top-of-the-shelf servers, carefully optimized for maximum performance, we have created one of the fastest Magento hosting solutions on the market.

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Hosting optimized for Magento powered by LiteSpeed, Solid-State Disks and Percona for unprecedented performance and reliability.

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Hosting built for Magento

When choosing a hosting solution for Magento it is important that the server has sufficient resources available to ensure quick page loads. Magento has a very robust and flexible architecture, but this also makes it more demanding than other web applications. Magento consumes more CPU and RAM resources than what is normally allowed with standard hosting, and thus is an optimized server environment necessary for achieving good performance and high reliability.

ProperHost specializes in professional Magento hosting since 2008 and we are proud to be named one of the fastest Magento hosts in the industry. Our powerful web servers utilize pure SSD storage technology and advanced caching techniques for outstanding IO performance and reduced server latency. A custom software stack based on CloudLinux, LiteSpeed Enterprise and Percona Server ensures that our solution performs better and scales faster than our competitors. If you are not 100% satisfied with our services in any way, we will refund your money within the first 30 days after your purchase. No questions asked!

State of the Art Hardware

Our servers are powered by dual Intel® Xeon® E5 processors, featuring 12 cores of raw processing power and minimum 32 GB of DDR3 RAM.

Pure SSD-Accelerated Storage

We use only ultrafast Solid State Disks (SSD) in our servers, configured in RAID-10 for performance and redundancy superior to traditional SATA hard drives.

CloudFlare CDN & Website Accelerator

CloudFlare accelerates any website by routing web traffic through an intelligent global network. With the CloudFlare CDN, your content is distributed around the world so it's closer to your visitors. CloudFlare also protects your website from a range of online threats, such as SQL injections and DDoS attacks.

Magento Full Page Cache

A Full Page Cache reduces your site's latency, reduces database load, and will make your site much more responsive feeling for your customers. Through our partnership with Extendware, all Magento hosting customers get one year free use of their Full Page Cache extension for Magento ($199 value).

CloudLinux LVE + CageFS

CloudLinux improves stability of the server by encapsulating each client in an isolated, secure environment. If one customer is using an unfair amount of resources, we are able to isolate the impact to the offending tenant only, while all other sites remain unaffected. Read more

Percona Server width XtraDB

We have replaced MySQL with Percona Server; an enhanced, drop-in MySQL replacement which offers breakthrough performance, scalability, features, and instrumentation. With Percona, queries run faster and more consistently. The XtraDB engine also includes optimizations for SSD.

PHP Opcode Cache

A bytecode cache for PHP optimize code and improves loading time significantly. Our Magento web hosting plans have APC or XCache installed, which can be used as a fast backend cache in Magento so that pages can be retrieved from memory, avoiding any I/O bottlenecks.

MySQL Optimizations

We have spent a lot of effort on tweaking and tuning the configuration variables for MySQL (Percona Server). MySQL Query Cache is enabled and the InnoDB buffers have been increased in order to store more queries in memory and reduce disk round-trips.


Memcached is a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load. Memcached is fully supported by Magento By default, Memcached uses shared memory and is not safe in a shared hosting environment. Our Memcached enabled hosting plans include a private Memcached instance running over Unix socket, which is more secure and also eliminates TCP/IP overhead.

LiteSpeed Enterprise Server

LiteSpeed Enterprise is a replacement for Apache web server which provides improved scalability and performance for PHP applications. Every PHP process is run as the user who owns the account, which prevents other users from seeing your PHP processes and avoids hazardous world-writable permissions that some hosts require. In addition, LiteSpeed includes built-in GZIP compression, DDoS protection and a public/private page cache.

Customer Reviews

Our customers have given us an average rating of 5 out of 5 based on more than 35 reviews at ShopperApproved!

Reviewed by (QC, Canada) on March 20, 2014

Proper Host are absolute professionals, had an issue with the website, I got on their live chat and they fixed it pronto, thanks big time.

Reviewed by (Vienna, Austria) on March 13, 2014

I really was impressed of the Magento hosting service. I put on a development store which always had speed issues and all of a sudden, they were gone. Properhost provides an amazingly fast hosting environment for very little money. The support was also very helpful in detecting bottlenecks we oversaw in first place. I can recommend this service to everybody!

Reviewed by (CA, United States) on January 20, 2014

Hi all. Best service and they enthusiastically support. I recommend that if you use one magento, you should choose this hosting service.

Reviewed by (Gavleborg, Sweden) on January 9, 2014

Awesome service. I've been having a few issues with my store and they've been more then helpfull in about 10minutes everything ive been having an issue with has been fixed!

Reviewed by (Babel, Indonesia) on December 13, 2013

Magento Basic hosting has amazing speed load, my web become faster and until now I never had any issue at all. I really glad that I'm choosing this company to handle my website. Superb service.

Reviewed by (Normandy, France) on November 14, 2013

I rarely give rave reviews about service but in this case I have to. My Magento shop stopped working after maintenance/upgrade, Andrew from the support team fixed my code in minutes immediately after the problem occurred, actual downtime was minutes from the moment the problem was identified. I've been over 3 years with Properhost on Magento Basic plan and I'm staying!

Reviewed by (CA, United States) on October 14, 2013

Overall they provide an incredibly powerful hosting platform and great technical support. I evaluated and tested several other options and this package came as the best value for performance and price.

Reviewed by (

First off, the speed of the Magento hosting is awesome, they obviously know what they are doing when optimizing a server for Magento. Support is always fast and responsive with excellent customer service. We really love being a ProperHost customer, and it shows since we have been with them now for nearly 3 years.

Reviewed by (Smart Click LLC)

Being a small business owner it's great to do what we do best; serving our customer's and at the same time receiving the same detailed attention as a customer. has handled all of our hosting needs, covering all technical aspects to optimize the potential of our Magento platform. This way we focus on our specialty while they focus on theirs.

Reviewed by (

We have been using ProperHost hosting services since January 2011. Now, after 16 months we have upgraded to the Magento Pro package as we are going to launch three more websites. I don't think you can find a better configured and faster Magento-optimized server at this price range. The server performance is awesome, I think it is 10x faster than the old server we've used in the past and the support is fast and responsive. The best part is that they are really experts in Magento. I was impressed of the staff knowledge (they know every little piece of the Magento Commerce system and helped me very much to configure and tweak my website to be fully compatible with the new PHP releases and lot of other settings.) ProperHost should be your first option if you are running a small to medium Magento-powered website!

Reviewed by (

When we switched from a different host the speed of which the pages load increased dramatically. That alone was worth it - and we even pay less now than before!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question which has not been answered below, feel free to contact our sales department.

What makes your hosting better for Magento?

While most hosting companies support the minimum requirements for Magento nowadays, most of these hosts are not doing anything special to ensure Magento runs fast and optimal. We have optimized our servers to perform particularly well for Magento web sites, building on the knowledge and experience obtained after years of working with Magento. Magento requires an optimized hosting environment, and we have built a unique platform using state of the art technology and extensive tuning. Backed by a support team extensively trained in dealing with Magento specific issues, we are proud to offer an industry leading solution for all your ecommerce needs.

Will the speed/performance differ between your hosting plans?

Yes. Besides the difference in storage and bandwidth allowance, with the more expensive plans your site is allowed to use a higher share of the server's CPU and memory resources, giving it a higher priority than sites that are on a smaller package. Additionally, the more advanced packages include the Memcached technology, which gives a significant performance boost when used as a fast cache backend in Magento.

Is your Magento hosting plan the same as a VPS?

No. A VPS (virtual private servers) does not offer any optimization for Magento out of the box. It is a virtual machine with its own operating system and dedicated server resources. Our hosting platform is custom-built for Magento, with both hardware and software optimizations. On a VPS, the included RAM and CPU will be used to run the operating system and other system processes so the actual available computing power is less. Our lightweight virtual containers powered by CloudLinux does not have this limitation. All CPU and RAM resources are available to user processes, as the OS and system processes does not count towards your account limits. This means our Magento hosting service will be much faster than even high-end VPSes.

How long have you been in business?

ProperHost have been providing hosting services since 2004, and Magento optimized hosting since 2008.

What is the Extendware Full Page Cache?

The Full Page Cache from Extendware is an extension to Magento which significantly improves page loading time and speeds up any Magento site, by reducing the number of database queries required to render a single page. Instead, pages are retrieved directly from Solid-State Disk storage or RAM (with Memcached) which gives huge gains. The Full Page Cache extension is provided for free (1 year) to all ProperHost customers. After the first free year, you may purchase the extension at a discounted price (50%) or uninstall it you don't want to use it. For more information, visit the Extendware website.

Can I host Wordpress and other sites on your hosting?

Yes! Not only will your Wordpress site work, but it will load faster than on other hosts because of the PHP and MySQL optimizations we have implemented.

How will Memcached improve my site's performance?

Magento uses the file system for caching by default. Although our Solid-State Drives are a lot faster than conventional SATA drives, disk access is still slow compared to RAM (random access memory). With our Memcached-enabled hosting plans you can replace the Magento file system cache backend with Memcached and take advantage of a virtually zero-latency RAM cache.

Will the Percona MySQL affect my site in any way?

Percona Server is a 100% compatible drop-in replacement for MySQL. From a user perspective it is no different from MySQL. It simply offers better performance and scalability than MySQL.

Can I easily upgrade my hosting plan later?

Yes! You can upgrade your hosting plan anytime through our client area or by opening a support ticket.

Do you offer free site migration/transfer?

Yes! We will transfer your existing Magento store or other website for free. Just open a support ticket and a support technician will assist you. Sites are usually migrated in 24-48 hours.

Do you offer a trial period?

No, we do not offer trial periods, but we have a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our services in any way, feel free to request a refund within a 30 day period.

Can I test your server before transferring my domain?

Yes. It is common that clients want to test the website before pointing their domain to our name servers. You can use a temporary URL to access your site.

I'd like to recommend your service to a friend. Will I get a commission?

Yes! Join our Affiliate Program and earn money for each new customer you refer to ProperHost. Our affiliate payouts are among the best in the industry, and no minimum deposit is required. We will even give you an initial $25 deposit to get you started. If you currently are a customer, simply request activation of the affiliate program through a support ticket.