We make Magento hosting a breeze!
Easily manage every aspect of your account

We provide a host of tools designed to streamline your day-to-day administration tasks. From our user-friendly control panel you can create new mailboxes, databases, edit files and more.

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Manage multiple domains and stores

Access all your domains and accounts from our client portal.

You are always in control

Easily monitor your resource usage and gain insight about your website visitors using the built-in statistics tools.

  • Disk Space Usage
    See how much disk space is occupied by your files, databases and emails.
  • CPU and RAM Usage
    Identify potential performance issues and monitor server resource usage in real time.
  • Visitor Statistics
    Get detailed statistics about your website traffic and visitors.
  • Bandwidth Logs
    Keep track of your monthly bandwidth usage.
  • Error Logs
    Troubleshoot script errors and other site issues.
  • Access Logs
    You can download the raw access logs from our control panel.