Minimize the risk of data loss with continuous data backups

All your data is stored securely on our remote RAID-protected backup servers.

A robust and efficient backup solution is critical to protect your data against unforseen disk crashes and data loss. ProperHost offers a fully automated, enterprise-grade backup solution powered by the R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology.

Free data backups are included with selected Magento hosting plans! See our plan details for more information.

How much is your data worth?

A high-performance, enterprise-grade backup solution powered by R1Soft

  • Continuous Backups

    R1Soft CDP works at the block level using asynchroneous replication, resulting in faster backups and minimal impact on server load.

  • Block-Level Backups

    Only the changes of a file (sectors) are transferred and saved during a backup process for higher performance and better disk utilization.

  • Redundant RAID Storage

    We use Enterprise SATA disks in RAID-10 configuration for extra redundancy and protection against hard drive failures.

  • Flexible Data Recovery

    Our backup solution provides multiple ways to restore your data, from restoring individual files and directories to complete accounts.

  • cPanel Integration

    With the built-in cPanel integration you can easily browse available recovery points and initiate a file restore with the click of a button.

  • Advanced MySQL Support

    Backups are not limited to files only. Extensive support for MySQL and InnoDB database backup and restore tasks is included.


Choose between Pay-As-You-Go or a Dedicated Backup Server

Pay-As-You-Go Managed Backups

This is a fully managed solution where you only pay for the space you use in 50 GB slots. The backups are stored securely on our hosted backup servers and can be accessed through a web based interface. One backup subscription is required per server (agent) that should be backed up.

Price: $25 per 50 GB of backup storage
In addition, one backup agent license is required per server ($25 per month).

Contact our sales department to add pay-as-you-go backups to your server.

Dedicated Backup Server

For customers that have multiple servers or needs to back up large amounts of data, a dedicated backup server might be a better fit. The R1Soft backup manager software will be installed on your own dedicated server and you can add as many backup agents as you want for only $25/mo per server.

Price: $25 per agent
An agent represent a single server that should be protected/backed up.

Contact sales for recommended server configurations